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The gun, belonging to the top-class weapon, is designed for underwater hunting. The gun has conformity certificate N POCC RU.SA02.H00383 reg, N 02357555. The gun is made of titanium or alluminium alloy.
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The set includes a passport with detailed description of the gun, an easy to carry case, two stainless steel harpoons 8mm, two red-hot stainless steel heads, a pump, a handle for harpoon loading, a set of instruments, necessary for the full dismantling of the gun, a l0mtr line, and a set of seals
The gun posesses positive buoyance without harpoon. Pumped compressed air serves as energy accumulator, the working pressure is 20 atm. The absense of bulging parts, relatively small diameter of the receiver (42mm) as well as convenient handle provide high manoeuvrability. The gun is equipped with special mechanism of line releasing, which cocks automatically when the harpoon is loaded.
Rotating control panel, conveniently placed in the back part of the gun, provides smooth harpoon speed emission adjustment and has 4 fixed positions:
**** maximum harpoon speed
*** minimum harpoon speed
** "toad-unload" mode - the smooth emission of the harpoon without a shot takes place when force is lifted from the harpoon while loading or while discharging loaded gun
* "safety" mode - provides absolute safety, as the channel between the receiver abd the barrel is shut off

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The gun is equipped with a special container in the handle for two spare firing pins for the head
Thanks to the open backsight when shooting the target it is possible to make corrections by miving the sight point.
The gun is also equipped with an indicator of air pressure in the receiver

Harpoon diameter, mm8
Gun length, mm800600400
Harpoon weight, kg0.380.23
Gun weight, kg 1. 251.151,10
Harpoon speed, mtr/sec25
Minimum working pressure, atm20

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